METASAFE manufactures full range of emergency equipments such as eye/face wash fountains, drench showers and combination units. These units are used in places where the eyes and body of a person may be exposed to hazardous chemicals. Therefore suitable units should be available in a area within 15 steps of reach for immediate emergency use.Unit are recommended for Chemical Processing and Engineering Industries. Different equipments are shown below:-


These units provides constant soft and evenflow of water for effective spray on the face and the delicate areas of in and around eyes. This unit has a receptor bowl, cushion flow automizer and pop-up covers. Available foot operated or hand operated type. Manufactured strictly as per IS specification


This shower is designed to deliver a deluge of water to the affected body of a person. It also offers first aid to a burn victim. The unique feature is the perforated spreader shower head which spreads water in conical shape and in huge quantity.


These Eye/Face Wash Combined units provides a complete safety station for immediate first aid to the victim i.e. both eye/face wash fountain and drench shower are in one location. This shower and fountain can be operated at simaltanously or independently by push lever. Manufactured strictly as per IS specification.


These units provide a complete safety station at one location for both eye/face wash fountain and drench shower ensuring instant flushing of eyes or body with enough amount of water. This unit is foot operated and both eye wash and shower can be operated independently or simultane ously. Manufactured strictly as per IS specification.

Shower Bowl, Eye Wash Bowl, and Eye Cups are available in corrosion Resistance made from ABS material or S.S Crome plated Aluminium Strong casted Material. Eye wash Bottee also available.