Superior Quality Leather Hand Gloves plain or Double Palm Patch with five fingers in various sizes from 10" to 22" long. Also available front leather, Back & wrist canvas

cloth, Leather cum Canvas Gloves. Useful for welding forging iron industries. Casting shop and general purpose. protection agianst flying sparks, sheet and metal shaving.


Industrial Rubber Hand Gloves, Black colour, acid and alkakli proof for workers. Size 10" to 24" long. Available Light, Medium and Heavy duty Application. Chemical Plants, Fertilizer and Pharma Industries.


Industrial Rubber Hand Gloves Orange / Red Colour Superior quality acid and alkali proof sizes 10" to 22" long, made from natural rubber latex, heavy duty application in pharmaceutical,

Fertilizers, Industries and chemical Plants. Available size 10" to 24".


PVC Yellow colour Hand Gloves Unsupported Plain / Checkered in sizes from 12" to 18". Acid and Alkali Proff. Useful for chemical factory, water lining recommended where dexterity or sense of work, light in weight for better grip.


PVC Yellow colour Hand Gloves (Supported) Cotton Lining inside, Best Quality gloves designed to give maximum resistance against Acid and Alkali's, Oil, fat fuel, Printing inks, Inorganic Salts, Dyes, bleaching agent Abrasive material, Steam and grease. Size 10" to 24"


Asbestos Hand Gloves with inside cotton Lining for resisting Heat upto woolen, leather, flannal, 100° to 1000°C varied temperature in various sizes from 10" to 24" long. Five figures type, mittan type, with leather palm reinforcement.


10" long 5 finger hand glove with split leather and cloth. Front side and pulse guard with split leather and back, cuff with cotton. Additional elastic support in back.


These Gloves are made from specially compounded latex (Rubber) for complete insulation. The construction of these gloves is seamless. Totally shock proof.

Available in shock resisting capacity of 5kv, 11kv, 15kv, 20kv, 22kv, 25kv, 30kv. & 33 kv. Size 355mm. Tested and confirms to IS:4770


These gloves are Knitted(String Knit) & are machine made from cotton. Being seamless knit with elastic cuff and reversible (wear on either end) these gloves are more comfortable. Avialable in sizes 8" to 11" long.


Polka dot coating on palms gives grip/ oil resistance. These gloves are cotton knitted with elastic wrist for better fit. Sizes 10" or 12" long.


These gloves are made of superior hosiery cloth fitted with elastic wrist. Washable and reversable. Available in single layer or double layer and standard size useful for general purpose


Excellant for fire proximity and molten metal splash. Aluminised front and back reflects 90% of radiant heat and keeps hand protected to withstand temperature upto 1200°C. Size 10" to 22" long.


Surgical Rubber hand Gloves (Skin Tight ) in various sizes from 6" to 10" long. These gloves are made from pure Latex and are acid & alkali proof. Extensively used in Laboratories/ Hospitals,

Wet handling jobs, Food processing and light industrial duties, Pharmaceutical Plants and Paint industries. Size 6" to 22". Ask for examination Gloves, Sterlite and Non Sterlite.


Plastic Polythene, Plastic Paper Disposable Hand gloves vary light, Transparent, Made from HM/HDP material, Superior quality Totally clean, Economical used for packing, Printing, Presticides Chemicals, Oil and detergents, Grease and Hair Dye.


This gloves are suitable for nominal protection against cut by not very sharp metal edges. Use of general purpose for safety of helper Workers. Made from drill cloth or canvas cloth size 10" to 24". Also green Drill Canvas Gloves.

Fibre glass Hand Gloves
Neoprene Rubber Gloves
Nitrile Hand Gloves
Aluminised Hand Gloves
ICI quality Orange Gloves
Leather with Steel Strips
Postmortem Gloves
Pharmaceutical Gloves