Metasafe manufacture Industrial safety belt from Leather cotton webbing and nylon webbing with Manila, Cotton, Polypropolene and Belts are for Lineman Pole, Line man Plier Pocket, General Purpose, Window Cleaning Tank, Gutter Drum Cleaning Basen Chairs, Vertical life Safety (Jhulla) etc. Safety harness Belts are used for indusries, Construction mines, Shipping, Electricity Board, Erection, Fire station etc.


This all purpose nylon safety harness belts is useful for workers working at heights for protection agianst falling down. The equipment consists of a waist belt with shoulder strap for perfect fit, padded back for comfort, 6mm thick coated friction buckle and D-ring(jointless) tested for 2000 kgs BS, Standard 10 feet nylone/polypropline. The belt is tested as per IS 3521 by central labour institute(CLI) and is ISI marked.


Made from 3 inch cotton webbing for back support. This belt supports lineman comfortably at work areas on telephone or wire

poles. Supplied with two D-ring for attaching pole strap/hook, plier/tool pocket and gloves. Rope and hook are optional.


Made from 44 mm nylon webbing this belt is tested upto 2000 kgs and has a total length of 7 feet and 11 inches having two belts one for

waist and one for pole. Two D-ring at waist, available with or without rope and hook.


This protable access system is available in Wooden/Aluminium rungs with 16 mm and 12 mm rope diameter respectively. ISI marked polypropylene ropes are being used for fabricating these rope ladders. 12" distance is provided between two steps for easy use while climbing. The top end of the rope are spliced on heavy hook, for added strength. The splicing is reinforced by using a metal thimble.


These nets are fabricated from ISI marked Nylone/polypropylene ropes. The nets are hand crafted with positive interlocking of knots by experienced craftsman for extra shock absorption and safety in catching falls. Avialable with different meshing sizes for different uses(6" square for man and 3" square for tools and equipments. Reegular available size 3mtr x 3 mtr, 4 mtr x 4 mtr and also 4" square corners provided with loops at corners and centres. and side rope are thick. Also nets can be tailormade as per individual requirements.