Brass forged body , with balanced poppet, these regulators can be used for industrial applications. Various gas regulators viz. Acetylene, Oxygen,

Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Amonia can be provided. These regulators are also avialable with stainless steel body.


These two stage regulators ensures double safety for the user. Brass forged body, balanced poppet, these regulators are avialable for various gases viz. Oxygen, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Argon, Amonia etc.


Avialable in both single and double stage, these regulators are provided with easy to read flow meter made of transparent polycarbonate.

These regulators are suitable for all light and medium duty MIG/TIG welding applications.


These arrestors have high capacity flame arresting capacity which effectively puts out the flame in case of full flashback. Avialable for both welding and cutting outfits i.e. for both regulators and cutters.

These arrestors can effect both Fuel gases and so arrestors for oxgen and actylene are avialable.


These regulators are useful where liquid petroleum gas is used instead of Oxy-acetylene gas.


These regulators are used for ultra high purity gases as these gases are expensive and use of diffusion prone components in the most critical equipment

(i.e. regulator) may lead not only to the wastage but may also discort the analytical results. Hence these specially engineered SS regulators are used.

 WELDING TORCH (Blow pipe)

An ideal blowpipe for general workshop use for welding various metals can as well be used for general heating purposes. It is supplied with hose connections and 6 tips suitable for welding mild steel in the range of 1.25mm to 10mm thickness. Also avialable light weight High pressure welding torch with 4 Tips for thin welding.

CUTTING TORCH (Blow pipe) 

These Oxy-Acetylene cutting torches are used for cutting M.S upto 300mm and cast iron upto 25mm. The head and body of these torches is brass forged for longer life. The torch is provided with one nozzle A and B type and hose connections. Available A & B (oxy/acetylene & LPG) type cutting nozzle 1/16", 1/32", 3/64", 5/64", 1/8", 3/32" and 7/64".


The PUG is a light weight, portable straight line and circle cutting machine, for square and beval cuts in M.S upto 75mm and circle from 75mm to 1100mm dia.


This is a small portable radial arm Oxygen cutting machine. The machine is mounted on four ball castors and is very light in weight.

It has a cutting capacity from 3mm to 150mm in mild steel, with a speed range of 100mm/min. to 750mm/min.

Also Avialable
Cylinder Manifold Pressure Release Valve Non-Return Valve
Low pressure welding torch Heavy duty gauging torch Pipe cutting machines
Various sizes of cutting nozzles Various sizes of welding nozzles Flow meters