This type of welding machine are useful for light fabrication industry jobs as they use single phase power supply. The salient features are :-
Sleek and Strudy Design Ultra light weight Double insulated
Thermal overload protection Easy arc striking Smooth electrode burning
Excellent welding quality Comes with input and welding cables Zero maintenance

These transformers are designed to meet the requirements of medium and heavy constructional work demanding high duty cycles and prolonged use of large size electrodes. These sets are mounted on three rubber tyred heals, the front steerable by a two bar. Various oil cooled welding transformers are avialable as per the job requirements. Like 200A, 300A, 400A and 600Amps. Also available Double operated Transformers. Transformers oils available in 205 liters Drums.


These are manual welding transformers for industrial use with coated electrodes featuring high capacity and excellent welding properties. The high open circuit voltage ensures easy striking and re-striking action. Due to the high permitted loads, this transformers are ideal for fematic welding. The study design of these transformers ensures trouble free working for all working envinorments. Provided with heals and handle for easy mobility. Avialable in various models as per working requirements. Like 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 21 KVA 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, and 600 Amps.

The rugged construction and design of these machines makes them the obvious choice for project sites. Salient features are:-
Excellent for outdoor use, onsite use, even with long leads, and cellulosic electrodes
Stable arc with regular droplet transfer and elimination of spater
In-built hot start facility ensures easy arc striking
Ideal welding current characteristics with higher open circuit voltage
Low power consumption
Edge winding for better coil life of machine

With light weight, compact and sturdy design these machines are ideal partners in repair and maintenance and welding. These invertors supply a continous flow of direct current and one can weld most metals to alloyed/non-alloyed steel, stainless steel or cast iron. Various models of these inverters are avialable wherein one can use welding electrodes of upto 5mm dia. These machines also lets you perform TIG welding quiet easily.


These generators are used when the job site is too remote to avial a power supply or the job sites are variable to avial a suitable location for DC welding for machine carriage & postioning, then the engine driven welder is the ideal choice. These machines gives you enormous power for your welding jobs and also for your auxillary application. With high welding qualities and unmatchable machine performance this welder is a power house for all ideal site works. Protection agianst overloading, low fuel consumption, low oil pressure, engine over speed etc. are the salient features. Various models depending upon the current requirement are avialable.

These welding machines are useful for light and medium fabrication workshops and for sheet metal fabrication in automobile and bicycle industries and ancilliaries. The salient features are :-
Light weight, Compact yet robust construction, with better maneuvrability
Single knob voltage control for quick voltage settings
Class H insulation that withstands Higher temperatures
Light weight wire feeder with quick changeover feed mechanism
Perfectly balanced light weight torch with 360° swivel facility.

These machines are used for precise and high quality TIG welding. The minimum current of 5 amps makes it easy for precise thin sheet application and the wide range covers all sheet thicknesses for TIG applications. Pulse frequency control, Pulse current control is the secret behind its high preciseness. These machines are useful for both TIG and MMAW welding. The arc stability is always the operator to change the current being at the job.


These torches are used with TIG welding units. It has superior heat resistance even under high heat arising from long

This torch has been constructed according to euro norms for MIG/MAG welding at a higher power range. Its preferential application

time welding work. Different models of gas cooled and water cooled torches for different currents are available.

are junction welding and surfacing work with non alloy, and aluminium welding wires.