These connecting and control cables are used in machines and plants for instrument engineering.These cables are universally applicable, resistant to many oils and chemicals and are highly flexible and strudy. There are a wide range of flexible cables such as colour coded, number coded, copper screened, steel wire braided, polyurathene cables, neoprene rubber cables, robotic cables, super flexible cables with minimum bending radius and all types of weather resistant cables.


These cables are used where extremely high and low temperature cause Cable insulation to become brittle and flexible. These cables are essential elements in Electric Motor manufacturing , Ship building and Aircraft construction. They also become indispensable elements in Iron and Steel works and Hot rolling mills, Foundries, Cement, Coking, Glass and Ceramics factories, On Extruders in heating and lighting units, Bakery machinery, Oil Burners, Solaria & Sauna Systems. The cables are made up of fine wire strands of tinned copper wire, conductor insulation and outer sheath of silcon based special compound.


The single core PVC insulations stranded conductors which form the basic for most multi-core cables and lines have varied uses. They play a vital roal in installations, cable harness and a multitude of other applications in large, medium and small industries. These cables are most suitable in the power engineering sector. They comply with the relavant European Harmonisation Regulations (>2.5 mm). These wiring cables are UL and CSA approved and are used for wiring Swithch Gear cabinets (Panel Boards) and for installation in protective sheathing for mechanical engineering purposes. They are widely resistant to Acid, Alkali and fungal attack as well as to Moisture and Many Oils. These cables generally conform to IS 694/1900. The green-yellow protective conductor is available with colour branding.


"LAPP CABLE" range of spiral cable suit the extreme flexible applications. These cable have permanently high restoring force with long service life. Spiral cable have proved thier value in all situvations where cables are exposed to serve wear under very rugged operational conditions. They are suitable for cont cable and supply cables for machinery in machine tool, machinery and process plant manufacturing industries. Also available with polyuratine outer sheet.

 UNITRONIC LIYY For control and signal line in electronics, for computer system, office machine. Also available screened and twisted pair version
 UNITRONIC LIYCY-CY For interference-free transmission in strong interface filed
 UNITRONIC CY PiDY (TP) For Transmission of signals of various frequency and voltage via cores
 J-YY... BD, J-Y(ST)Y... LG For indoor telephone cabling
 RG 62, RG 59, RG 174 For Transmission of high quality audio, video, signals
 RIBBON CABLE For movable connection between functional groups in control and regulating system, for computer
 ELECTRONIC BUS For industrial communication in the sensor/actor level

These easy to assemble cable glands with its many good featured is made of polyamide and is suitable for universal applications especially in Machinery and Equipment manufacture, in Automation, Electrical engineering and Robot manufacture. These Cable glands also come with reducing seal indent, which enables Leads & Cables of smaller outside diameter to be sealed.


The Protective conduit consists of a flexible PVC sheet with a rigid PVC spiral welded in. The inner wall is however smooth and enables cable and single wires to be pulled through easily. This all plastic protective conduit is very flexible and yet retains its shape. Applications are to be found in engineering, vehicle and automatic machine tool manufacture.


The welding cable type "HOIN2-D" is specially designed for transmission of high current from the electric welding machines to the welding tool. It is suitable for use under rugged conditions and it retains it high flexiblity even when subjected to light, Ozone, Oxgen, Inert Gas, Oil, and also to effects of heat and fire, Hence it is known as 'HOFR" (Heat-oil-flame retardant), The Cable is made from super fine strands of plane copper wire, seperator of synthetic film and outer sheath of Neoprene rubber (Flame Retardant)