"METASAFE" can provide high quality power tools manufactured by METABO, Germany & WEBTOOL, techninal collobration with PERLES, Switzerland, which we are authorised dealers. The quality of these tools is acknowledged throughout the world and they are exported to more than 100 countries. These power tools are meticulously made to conform to latest safety standards and specifications.


These tools are very light weight and are easy to handle even at heights.
They are provided with additional grip handle so that they can be handled easily.

These tools are useful for drilling in concrete.
Different models with capacity of upto 24mm in concrete can be provided .


These tools are used for cutting wood, non-ferrous metals, Steel sheets etc.
Dust removal, removable base-plate, lower guide roller, adjustable saw dust blower, and naturally 4 stage orbital

motion, electronic control systems and powerful motor are the special features.

Angle grinders are avialable in various models ranging from 4" - 9". The fibre body of the tool makes it very light in weight so that the tool can be handled easily.

Also electronic speed controlled grinders are avialable. The standard equipment viz. Wheel guard, Flange nut clamping nut Flexiamant Super depressed centre grinding disc for steel, side handle and pin spanner are provided with the tool.


A useful tool for light grinding and cutting jobs with grinding wheel capacity of 4" or 5".Weight less than 2 kgs

World class heavy duty two speed drills with drilling capacity of upto 32mm in steel and upto 40mm in non-ferrous metal, with safety clutch makes it the most efficient power tool. This tool can also be mounted on magnetic drill stand.

This tool reveals its strength both in tight curves and in straight cuts. The full 360° turning circle of the cutting punch and the die location provide a broad spectrum of possible applications.


These tools are useful where direct current is not avialable. These power tools are equipped with a battery pack which is rechargeable. Avialable in various models for screw driving, impact drilling etc.

These hammers have a capacity of upto 14mm in concrete, 13mm in steel & 20mm in wood. This tool is also suitable for light chiseling. It has a high capacity NiCd battery pack with NTC temperature monitor for long life and can be recharged upto 1000 times. Equipped with automatic safety clutch.

This tool is suitable for stripping old paints without creating dust, drying new coats of paint, thawing frozen water pipes, de-icing of fridges, welding plastic, repairing tents and many similar jobs. It has a automatic electronic maintenance of constant air temperature.